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DLK Pro TIS-Compact and TIS Compact (EE)

DLK Pro TIS Compact

DLK Pro TIS Compact: Driver's Overview
Activities Overview

DLK Pro TIS-Compact offers the basic equipment for:

  • Download vehicle data via the front interface of the digital tachograph.

  • Use the integrated chip cardreader to download data straight from the driver card.

  • Archive driver and vehicle data as per legal requirements.

  • Export data to other PC applications like TIS-Web.

  • Transfer data to a computer quickly and easily via the USB interface.

  • View the activities of individualdrivers (driving time, working time and rest periods) and speed profile for the previous 24 hours of driving time.

  • Print out the recorded vehicle and  driver data.

Owner drivers and smaller fleets of up to 5 vehicles and 10 drivers can also use the DLK Pro TIS-Compact as a basic data management solution.


DLK Pro TIS Compact and TIS Compact (EE) Software is easy to install

 DLK Pro TIS Compact: Speed Overview
Speed Overview

To visualize and transfer the driver card and mass storage data from the digital tachograph only 1 step need to be done:

  • Connect the DLK Pro TIS‑Compact or TIS Compact (EE) to the computer: The download LED (green) continuously flashes and the green, yellow or red LED displays the current amount of memory being used.The Autostarter starts the configuration and visualisation software for mass memory and driver card data


DLK Pro TIS-Compact (EE):

DLK Pro TIS Compact (EE)

Specially developed for use in Eastern European countries, the DLK Pro TIS-Compact (EE) is available in all Eastern European languages. It is ideal for owner drivers and small fleets with up to 5 vehicles and 10 drivers.

The TIS-Compact (EE) can be used as a solution for downloading and archiving data and for small-scale data management – it also displays infringements on the screen.