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Independent and always up-to-date
With the TIS-Web® web-based solution, you have all the advantages of a user-friendly data management solution – without having to invest in IT infrastructure. Besides the fulfillment of the legal requirements by archiving the downloaded data TIS Web® offers its users a lot of added value functions like optimizing the fleet and its functions via special graphs and functions.

Overview of TIS-Web benefits

  • All you need is a computer running microsoft® windows® xp or vista™ with internet access via e.g Internet Explorer 5.0 or later – for “anywhere and everywhere” access to your data
  • No expensive investments in IT infrastructure or IT know-how required
  • You only pay for what you need. Monthly fees depend on the number of drivers, users and on the range of functions used. Click here to get informations about the pricing model
  • Your data is automatically backed up in a professional, password-protected data centre
  • Automatic software updating keeps the program at the cutting edge of technology
  • Encrypted data transmission guarantees the highest level of security
  • The flexible user management system allows you to assign individual access rights and passwords
  • Up to 23 EU languages supported, facilitating international fleet work
  • Easy customisation to match your fleet’s organisational requirements and national regulations
  • Easily export reports at any time and integrate them into your in-house DP systems for further processing
  • Analogue tachograph data may also be entered and processed, so TIS-Web is a perfect solution for transitional periods with mixed fleets
  • Compatible with the Remote Download Device (DLD®) for convenient wireless transmission of mass memory and driver card data

What is the added valueTIS-Web® offers you for your company?

If you already have seamless and well-structured driver and vehicle data, you can exploit it to the full. To this end, TIS-Web® provides you with valuable information, which, if cleverly used, will result in sustainable profits.


Tis Web: Archive Administration

Ascertain at any stage whether or not legal regulations are being adhered to

You can see at a glance whether or not downloaded data has any gaps. With a click of your mouse, you can also monitor driving times, rest periods and infringements for each driver and vehicle.

Tis Web: Driving Behaviour

Monitor your drivers' driving behaviour

Speed graphs and speed profiles give you an insight into the driving style of each individual driver. The graphics are only partially available when you use a VDO DTCO®, since this device records the necessary additional data (depending on the version).

Tis Web: Vehicle Utilisation

Optimise your vehicle utilisation

A cleary laid out display of driving and non-driving times indicates the level of utilisation of your vehicles and provides important information for your vehicle management.

Tis Web: Personal Planning

Improve your personnel planning

The driver calendar supports you in the efficient creation of work schedules. You can thus create a clear and understandable display of indivually definable activities in the calendar - including work, holidays, illnesses and absences.

Tis Web: Master Data

Manage your master data

You can easily create master data for drivers, vehicles and sites - and also manage it efficiently. With TIS-Web®, you can sub-divide your fleet into logical units and easily manage data from several companies.